• Childcare Benefit (CCB) and the 50% Childcare Rebate (CCR)
  • Childcare Benefit enables most families to receive a discount on part of our daily fee.
  • The percentage is calculated on a family’s income, and all variations are reconciled with the family’s tax.
  • As well all families registered for CCB receive the 50% CCR as this is not means tested.
  • We recommend that parents nominate the CCR to be paid to our service as an immediate discount. That way you won’t have to wait for a refund.
  • Families can contact the Federal Department of Human Services (Formally FAO) on 13 61 50 for details on how to register


Childcare is an approved service for Childcare Benefit and Rebate, which if eligble, will reduce the cost of Childcare. For example, a family entitled to 100% Childcare Benefit and Rebate would only pay $20.19 per day instead of $87.

JET Fee Assistance

JET fee assistance provides extra help with the cost of Childcare Benefit approved childcare. This assistance is for eligible parents/ guardians who are undertaking activities such as job search, work, study or training.  JET is part of an employment pathway plan to help parents/ guardians re enter the work force. For further information regarding JET, please visit www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/jobs-education-and-training-child-care-fee-assistance