Welcome to Quantin Binnah Community Centre Inc.

Quantin Binnah Community Centre Inc. is a not-for-profit centre that offers a variety of services and programs to local residents and the community. These include Binnah Bugs Playgroup, Little Kinda, Kindergarten, Long Day Care, Before School Care, After School Care, Vacation Care, Adult Community and Further Education, Community Development, Maternal and Child Health and Cafe QB.

The Centre opened in 1992. The name Quantin Binnah is Canadian Indian in origin meaning 'Full and Plenty" and was the name of the Homestead of the 'Chafey' brothers who worked with the development of irrigation systems in Victoria. The Centre is located near the site of the original Homestead and has taken on its name.



Our Vision

A centre that is bright, interactive, friendly, safe and welcoming

A centre that is rewarding, enjoyable and fun to be in

A centre that is managed by a community committee

A centre that is open to all families and which responds to community needs and offers a wide range of activities and services

A centre that seeks out and uses other resources within the community


Quantin Binnah AGM Video Presentation