The First Weeks at Childcare

The introduction into long day care can be difficult for children and parents. Children’s welfare and happiness are the priority for educators when welcoming new children to the centre and when assisting the family to settle into the centre environment. It is recognised that families’ needs vary greatly in the orientation process and individual needs will be met as best as possible.
(More information about helping childrens settle can be found in the Parent Handbook)

Nutrition, Healthy Eating and meeting childrens individual dietary requirements is an integral part of our programs.
Children are encouraged to develop independance skills by self serving at meal times with the supervision and assistance of our educators.

We strive to provide our children with fun, involved and regular physical activity.

In supporting childrens individual needs Quantin Binnah ensure that all childrens medical management plans and specific requirements are current, well documented and communicated to all educators prior to a child attending our service.